History of Geauga County Transit - 1970's

Geauga County Transit was started in 1976 with a "Demonstration Grant" from the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration. During the Carter Presidency, the United Stated Congress approved limited dollars to be included in the Federal Transit Administration's budget to provide for demonstration projects earmarked for rural counties in need of public transportation services. These dollars were then allocated to each state and through the grant application process, selected rural counties in the State of Ohio were granted FTA dollars to begin a public transit system. The Geauga County Commissioners were awarded a grant in the amount of approximately $25,000 to begin a system of public transportation. The first vehicles utilized by Geauga Transit were an older sedan and a station wagon, and the system provided limited service to residents on a first come basis. Geauga County Transit began to develop a base of riders that were not only seniors, and those residents with impairments, but also an effort was undertaken to begin to coordinate all of the transportation needs for many of the human service providers, both governmental and private. The first location of the administrative offices were located in Chardon, in the basement of a one of the county buildings. Limited resources forced Geauga Transit to be very creative and to limit the hours of service availability.