History of Geauga County Transit - 1980's

Geauga County Transit began to grow and more services and hours of operation within Geauga County became available. A comprehensive plan was developed to provide transportation services to additional residents of the county and larger vehicles were purchased. Federal grants were increased and support was achieved from the State of Ohio to offer reduced fares to the elderly and disabled riders. Increased coordination was achieved with a community base of support for social service programs and increased general ridership. Fares were $0.50 based on distance traveled and there was an ever- increasing demand for services. The first wheelchair equipped vehicles were put into service. Demand began to outstrip available service and efforts were underway to build a facility to house administration and operations personnel.

The new facility was completed in 1986-87. Scheduling was still a matter of using a clipboard and time slots. A dispatcher had to look at up to 10 different vehicles to see which vehicle was best suited for each caller. Efficiencies were difficult to achieve in route development and the State of Ohio began to look at methods to increase productivity of demand response systems like Geauga Transit.