Goals and Objectives

Geauga County Transit strives to provide the highest quality of delivery services to all users of the transit system. We work very hard on the development of new ideas, which are responsive to the needs of the community, based on input and feedback from users and non-users of the system. Additionally, we understand that the needs of the taxpayers supporting the system must always be high on the list of considerations for any new ideas and plans. Geauga County Transit will always ensure that your public transit system is the most professional, and will listen to your needs and attempt to provide for excellence in professional transportation services within Geauga County.

Where do you want to go?

Geauga County Transit travels across all of Geauga County, from doctor's offices, shopping areas, government service buildings, entertainment and just across the street to visit a neighbor. We can get you there! The process is very simple, just follow a few easy steps and soon the bus will be at your door to provide you the means to travel anywhere in our beautiful county.