Using Geauga County Transit

How We Provide Service:

Geauga County Transit is a public transit system funded in part by the Federal Transit Administration, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Geauga County Board of Commissioners, and users like you. Additional funding is provided by contracts with agencies to provide the transportation necessary to maintain their programs. We provide door to door service to all county residents, visitors requiring transportation service within Geauga County, utilizing a demand responsive transit system.

Demand Responsive Transit System

Because Geauga County is rural in natural, there is no need for a fixed route based transit system. Geauga County Transit is a demand responsive transit system within the County. We provide service Monday thru Friday 6:00AM to 9:00PM with fully equipped vehicles that meet all Federal and State standards for accessibility, and cost effectiveness. We provide service based on the demand for trips each day. Geauga County Transit responds with vehicles to meet the demand with the most cost effective scheduling we can achieve, given the distances from one point in the county to another. Because our service is based on demand, each day is different; each driver and vehicle may have a different area of the county and different clients to pickup and transport to their destinations. We may go to the same locations within the county, but we pickup hundreds of riders from hundreds of different locations each day.

What Geauga County Transit provides:

We provide a public transit system that is designed to meet the needs of the residents and visitors which is cost effective and operates in a timely manner. Geauga Transit schedules rides as needed based on a request from the general public. Unlike large urban systems that have fixed routes with scheduled time points, Geauga Transit provides a system that reflects the rural character of Geauga County. When needed we are there for the user, from their pickup location to their destination.