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our goal

Mission Statement

To provide for the transportation needs of all county residents, in a safe, professional manner, thus providing the means to maintain mobility and quality of life.

high quality service


Geauga County Transit will strive to provide the highest quality service to all of our clients. We are continually investigating new ideas from our staff, riders, community leaders, and county residents. Geauga County Transit is our county’s public transportation and will provide professional transportation services to all clients.

flexible routing and scheduling

Demand Response

Geauga County Transit operates as a demand response transportation service. This type of service allows us to have flexible routing and scheduling, that provides door-to-door transportation to an exact destination. Due to Geauga County being rural, we do not have fixed routes. This means that vehicles can be dispatched to any area of the county on a first call, first-serve basis.

established in 1976


Geauga County Transit was established in 1976 with a grant that was awarded to the Geauga County Commissioners from the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration, in the amount of $25,000. Geauga Transit began with 1 older sedan and 1 station wagon, headquartered on Chardon Square.

As Geauga County Transit continued to grow, we added more vehicles (all handicap accessible). In 1986 – 1987 a new facility was built on Merritt Road. By 1998, we were able to implement a computerized scheduling software system to increase ridership. In 2002, Geauga County Transit built an addition on to the facility which made it possible to park the vehicles inside and provide an area for the mechanic to maintain the vehicles.

All of this growth has been made possible, in large part, through grants from the Federal Transit Administration and the Ohio Department of Transportation.