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How We're Funded

Geauga County is funded by Federal and State grants as well as local contracts, rider fares, and the County Commissioners.  

At this time, Geauga County Transit does not collect monies from a local levy.

The majority of our awarded grants are disbursed on a reimbursement basis.  Geauga County Transit must expend the money and then submit for reimbursement of our operating expenses at 50% and our capital maintenance expenses at 80%.

where it comes from

Annual Funding Sources

The following is a list of our annual funding sources:

  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA) – 64%
  • Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) – 16%
  • Social Service Agency Contracts – 9%
  • Rider Fares – 7%
  • Geauga County Commissioners – 4%

Percentages calculated from 2019-2021 Revenue Data