Rider’s Guide

for geauga county transit

Making a Reservation

Call our dispatch office between 6:00 am – 9:00 pm, Monday through Friday: 1-888-287-7190 or 440-279-2150.

Reservations can be made as early as 1 week prior to your trip and as late as the same day, based on availability. The earlier you call, the more availability, as reservations are made on a first call, first-serve basis. Reservation requests cannot be left on voicemail.


Information needed to make a reservation:

Client name, address, and phone number; address of pick-up and drop-off locations; arrival time needed for destination; departure time for return trip.


Dispatch will provide a 30-minute window in which the vehicle will arrive at your pick-up location.

Trip Expectations

Driver will arrive at your pick-up location within the 30-minute window. The Driver can assist you with boarding and exiting the vehicle, if necessary. We are a door to door service, meaning: the Driver can assist you from the exterior door of your pick-up location to the vehicle and again from the vehicle to the exterior door of your drop-off location.

Passengers must board the vehicle within 5 minutes of its arrival.


Drivers are prohibited to:

Enter a client’s residence; assist with donning or removal of clothing; retrieve personal items.


Upon boarding, the client should deposit the exact dollar amount owed, into the farebox. We accept cash, coin, or checks made out to Geauga Transit. Round trip fare cannot be accepted. Fare must be paid each time you board the vehicle. Driver does not carry cash and cannot make change.

Although the Driver may have other clients along the way, you will still get to your destination by the scheduled time.

Have a seat, buckle up, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Trip Changes

If you need to change a trip location, contact dispatch to adjust your reservation. Drivers cannot change their routes without permission from dispatch.

If a client would like to add an extra stop, contact dispatch for availability.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All Transit vehicles are wheelchair accessible and all Drivers are trained to assist with wheelchairs.

Clients may request to use the lift/ramp instead of using the steps.

Drivers are prohibited from riding the lift with client.

Seat Belt Guidelines

Per County Policy, all passengers are required to wear vehicle equipped seat belts.

We follow Ohio’s Child Restraint Law ORC 4511.81 which states, “Children under 8 years of age, unless they have reached 4’9” in height, must be properly secured in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for child restraint or booster seats that meet federal motor vehicles standards”. Client must provide the car/booster seat for child(ren).

Prohibited Activities on Vehicles

  • No eating or drinking
  • No smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco
  • No carrying of objects defined or intended to be used as a weapon (Ohio Concealed Carry Law will be enforced)


Call our dispatch office between 6:00 am – 9:00 pm, Monday through Friday: 1-888-287-7190 or 440-279-2150.

We receive many requests for transportation. If you are unable to use your scheduled trip, please contact dispatch far enough in advance to allow us to provide a ride for another client.

No Show Policy

When a client schedules a trip and then does not call to cancel the trip prior to the Transit vehicle arriving at the riders pick up location, this is considered a “No Show”.

No Show’s cost Transit a significant amount of money in fuel, driver salary, lost time and wear and tear on the vehicles. Geauga Transit does have a “No Show” policy that can restrict access for a specific amount of time with excessive “No Shows”.

To avoid a “No Show” and to allow another client available space, please call in advance for canceling rides.

Animal Policy

Service animals (as defined by ADA) are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in the vehicle. Client must be in direct control of the service animal at all times. Dispatch must be informed (when booking a reservation) if a service animal will be accompanying them.

Pets (not including service animals) may be transported with the client if it is in a pet carrier/kennel designed for pet containment. Dispatch must be informed (when booking a reservation) if a pet will be accompanying them. Please contact dispatch for complete requirements.

Carry-On Items

Client must be able to contain carry-on items in their lap.

There is an eight (8) grocery bag limit. Items must be small enough to be placed out of the aisles. Tying bags will help prevent any items from spilling out inside the vehicle. More than 8 grocery bags must have prior authorization.

Large bags or bulky items are not permitted.

Reduced Fare

Age 65 and older or people with a disability may be eligible for a reduced fare.

For details, please go to the “Reduced Fare Assistance Program”.

Personal Care Attendant - Companions

Personal Care Attendant (PCA), is someone designated or employed specifically to help the eligible individual (under Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)) meet his or her needs. PCA must be picked up and dropped off at the same location as eligible rider. Please notify dispatch when making the reservation, to ensure sufficient seating capacity.

Companion is a person accompanying an eligible individual (under American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA)), other than a PCA, and are picked up and dropped off at the same location as eligible rider. Please notify dispatch when making the reservation to ensure sufficient seating capacity.


Driveways must be wide enough for our vehicle to enter/exit safely. Driveways must be clear of snow and debris (i.e. tree limbs, branches, basketball hoops). It is the Drivers discretion regarding the safety of pulling into a driveway.

Lost and Found

Geauga County Transit is not responsible for lost, stolen or items left on the vehicle.